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The association was founded in December 2014 by a private initiative whose goal it is to provide refugee and asylum seekers facilities with computers and free internet access. In most cases, the internet is the only way for refugees to keep in touch with their families and to get access to information. We support refugees by providing free internet access and help them cope with the isolation whilst away from their home countries and their families. Our first project was the refugee reception unit at the Fliegerhorst in Fuerstenfeldbruck, which went online in February 2015. By now, we are taking care of more than 190 projects, of which 160 are online. We have been working together with AsylPlus e.V. for a few months now. They can provide facilities with computers as well and have also created a wonderful Online-Learning-Platform for asylum seekers, which is helpful for integrating the people who fled into our country. Throughout the past year, we have built up a great amount of technical know-how that we would be happy to share. Against the background of the amendments to the Telemediengesetz we have worked out a solution that largely prevents misuse and minimizes the risk of liability for the operator of an internet access. To accomplish this, we use professional wireless-LAN hotspot-systems and only give out access codes to registered users. That might be a bit of a pain for the residents at first, but handling of the codes is quickly learned and the service is always responded to very well.


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We intend to provide computers and free Internet access in refugee accommodation facilities. In line with demand, we also provide training courses for the refugees about the usage of computers, smartphones and the Internet. As our first project for 2015, we chose the refugee reception unit at the Fliegerhorst in Fuerstenfeldbruck. We set up a computer room and are offering courses there on subjects such as usage of computers and internet, tablets, smartphones etc. Our purpose here is to convey basic knowledge about these things, which should help refugees to use these technologies accordingly to their full potential. We do not follow a strict curriculum here, because in reception units like this, residents change constantly and each course, the previous knowledge of our students differs. As far as possible, we motivate qualified refugees to become a trainer. That way, we can sometimes offer courses in other languages than just in English.

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The association has been founded by people who care about the destiny of refugees in Germany. These people have decided to actively help the association by fundraising, collecting donated devices and supporting its activities by providing training courses to refugees.

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